African Governance and Development Series (New CFPs)



Olayiwola Abegunrin, Series Editor

African Governance and Development Series identifies and elaborate on the strategic place of Governance and development within the African studies. Reflecting the fact that life in Africa continues to change; particularly in political, development, and socio-economic arenas; this series explores issues focusing on the ongoing mobilization for good governance and the search for sustainable and economic development. The African Governance and Development Series address gaps and larger needs in the developing scholarship on Africa and the African Diaspora. This series provides scholarly monographs and edited collections in the humanities, social science, and social scientific traditions. Contributors are encouraged to submit book length manuscripts that encompass, besides the above named topics, those focusing on: Africa’s political economy and economic development, Africa’s place in world trade development, democratization of African countries, the inclusion and representation of ethnic minorities, and the role of gender in Africa’s development. Works can be focused on a single African country, a region of African countries, or the African continent’s place as a global player.

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